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Welcome to ALtech A.S!

Bryggeveien 9 • 3075 BERGER, Norway
Tel: +47 32 21 79 00 • Fax: +47 32 21 79 01
Mobile:+47 93 21 22 44
E-mail: altech@altech.no • Website: www.altech.no

Altech AS was founded in 1996 and is located just outside of Oslo in the city of Drammen. An engineering and agency company, all of Altech’s employees have a great deal of experience from the Norwegian and international valve markets. The company has developed a distribution network in the Nordic countries on behalf of the many manufacturers it represents.


The company exports complete valve packages and tailor-made valve control systems for the shipping industry and special valves for fish pumps, the latter supplied specifically to markets in Norway, Iceland and Chile.

Altech’s specific products and systems include:

  • Valve control systems – manual, electric, pneumatic and hydraulic
  • Remote-controlled ballasting systems
  • Remote-controlled cargo systems for crude, product and chemicalcarriers

Valve Series

Altech’s product range features a number of various valve types from a range of suppliers. Knifegate valves are specially designed for fish pumps and ideal for abrasive media. Altech distributes knifegate valves supplied by the Spanish company CYL, which is located in northern Spain and is an experienced knifegate valve designer and manufacturer. Altech is the sole agency for these valves which are used in the fishing industry worldwide.

Manual and remote controlled Sigeval soft-seated butterfly valves and Cyl knifegate valves are frequently delivered as important parts of the total Altech valve packages supplied to well boats, fishing vessels, fish farms, etc.

Altech AS cooperates worldwide with several other system designers within such fields as shipping, fisheries, fir fighting and hydroelectric power.

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